About me

My name is Jana and this blog exists since July 2015. I want to share what I experience during my exchange year. For my family, friends, and for me as well since I am not the biggest diary fan. And maybe I get to some people, convince them to do something similar.

I am kind of proud of myself that I accomplished to keep up with the major events in the last months and always found the time to write about them. Moreover, I am surprised how many people are actually interested in what I write.

For the future, I hope that I will have many more stories to tell. I don’t know if I will continue the blog after I go back to Germany, but it is definitely true that once you go on such a big journey you can’t stop thinking about traveling. I wanna go other places and I might or might not write about it here, depending on how things go.


*Introducing myself during exchange*

Hello, I’m from Germany and my name is Jana, oh and the J is pronunced like an english Y so just say Yana. Oh yeah I am new, but I’m only staying for one school year. Why, eh, because I am kind of alone without my parents, but I’m living with a host family and they are really nice. I am an only child in Germany but now I have one sister and one brother. I am missing my friends and family that doesn’t mean I want to go home, at least not now. I actually have an Instagram and a Snapchat, it’s a worldwide thing, let me spell it out for you it’s confusing. Many things are different, but neither better or worse. Yes, I have tried In-N-Out and it’s delicious. I love the weather and I have a great time, thanks. It was nice to meet you.