Good Food is Good Mood

A Pizza Hut, A Pizza Hut

Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut

McDonald’s, McDonald’s

Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut

-Fast Food Rockers

If there is one big stereotype about the U.S., it’s the excessive amount of fast food. After ten months of living here I can mostly agree. There is a countless availability of all kinds of food. I feel like I have tried a lot, but then people always talk about a million more places I haven’t been too. Here is only a very small selection of food.



IN-N-OUT was the first place my IEC took Javier and me after we left the airport in Los Angeles and it is probably one of the most popular ones on the West Coast. The burgers are simple, but very tasty and somehow “fresh” compared to other fast food chains.



Diners are very common here in the U.S. and I like them a lot because they always have a great atmosphere. They are usually in style of the 1950’s and offer all kinds of food in huge portions.



Candy and salty snacks are very big here and me as a snack victim had no chance to resist. Especially Hot Cheetos are super popular and addicting while burning your throat. Chocolate on the other hand, if not combined with peanut butter, is not satisfying at all. Overall, I would they that Americans snack more than Europeans and also snack rather that eating a real meal sometimes.



Mexican food is something we don’t really have much in Germany. I was pretty excited, because I like spicy food and now that I was able to eat it for almost a year I don’t know if I can live without it again. The important thing to know for not Americans  is that we are not talking about Taco Bell or similar food chains, because those are “Americanized” and the food does not have much to do with Mexico.



Frozen Yogurt shops here are absolutely amazing because you can choose from about eight to ten different yogurt flavors and choose how many toppings as you want and there are many. Sounds basic to Americans, but it’s not for me. The only problem is that you can easily spend way too much money on it. Dear Frozen yogurt god, please bring more flavors to Germany.


There are many more things I’ve tried of course, but I would probably never finish this post if I list them all. I love junk food, but I am still glad that my host mom made many home cooked meals too. There also some things I am looking forward to having in Germany again. Moreover, I had to realize that my expectations about low prices were so wrong. In my opinion food is expensive here, especially some things that are normal ingredients in the German cuisine. Only soda is extremely cheap and you usually get free re-fills in restaurants.

Lastly, I wanna say (proudly) that I’ve only been to McDonald’s one time in the entire year and it was not good, like expected.



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