Way down the West Coast


Then we sail into the shiny sea

The weight that drags your heart down

Well, that’s what took me where I need to be


We took the highway one along the coast line to get back to Los Angeles. There are many places just to stop by and enjoy the view. We spend the night in Monterey Bay. The next morning we left to Santa Barbara. Being the only one in the car who was really excited about the city made me wanted to prove them wrong even more.  It might, or might not be related to the fact that the TV show “Psych” plays in Santa Barbara. After some research I had to find out that everything was filmed in Canada, but oh well.

First we went to the city’s mall and it was small, but super cute. We ate there and later went to the beach. Walking down the pier at sunset with warm weather sounds like the best thing to do, doesn’t it. The only thing left to do in the morning was taking a look at the Santa Barbara Police Station and Courthouse just to get the feeling that I could be at the place where Shawn and Gus solve crimes. We stopped by at the mission as well. It was only a short visit, but it made me love the city for many more reasons than just an amazing TV show. Sorry for the fan girling by the way.

That was the end of our trip and that is also the end of my “road trip diary” for now. I hope you enjoyed it, because I did.




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