Waking up in Vegas

Why are these lights so bright

Oh, did we get hitched last night

dressed up like Elvis

-Katy Perry

Viva Las Vegas! On our way to it we stopped by the Hoover Dam. It was huge and kind of scary. From there it was no more than 15 minutes to our hotel close to the Sunset strip. I’m pretty sure it was the biggest and fanciest I’ve ever stayed at, but still boring compared to the other ones in the city. Our room was on the 37th floor and the view was amazing. It had to pool decks and much more cool stuff. It was already night so we just went out for dinner and went to bed to be fit for the next day.

We started off the next day with some swimming and a shopping trip to one of Las Vegas’ Malls and made some good deals there. Later, we took a tour through the city. It was not exactly what we expected, but it was alright. It included seeing the Las Vegas Sign at night, watching the volcano show at the Mirage Hotel and a trip to the old part of Las Vegas. After the tour we went to the Aria Hotel and it was amazing. My dad tried to gamble a little, but no jackpot. It’s crazy that you can go to Paris, Venice, New York, and so on in just one city.

One and a half days is not enough to see the city and all its impressive hotels. For me, it was too busy and I guess the real fun starts at 21. I am still glad that we saw a little bit of Las Vegas and maybe I can come back in five years.

The next stop was the complete opposite.



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