Living on the edge of the Grand Canyon

I don’t really know how to describe the Grand Canyon, because it is breathtaking and beautiful but in the end just a canyon. I guess you have to be there to actually understand the awesomeness. We went to the South Rim.

On the first day, we walked a little bit to the west of the Visitor Center and watched the sunset at the Yavapai Observation station. It was probably the most stunning sunset I have ever seen. We also met some other EF students I knew from the camp and it was crazy, because they live in Idaho. The next day, we took the shuttle to both directions. Every view is different and you can find something new at every stop.

It is both exciting and scary to look over the edge and seeing how deep it goes. I wish we had had enough time to fly with a helicopter but maybe next time. They also offer mule ride and other cool stuff.







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