Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas

The end of the year is coming and I celebrated a different but not less wonderful Christmas.

In the beginning of December I received a mail from my mom and in there was an “Adventskalender”. My friend called it “Countdown to Christmas” and that describes it pretty good, I guess. So I had something from home to open every day. Also, it was my first time decorating a Christmas tree, because in Germany the “Christkind” always does that. This time I even had the honor of putting the star on top and of course it bounced of and I dropped it. Talking of decoration it’s true that Americans go all out with Christmas light on their houses and going  from house to house in different neighborhoods just to watch it is a thing.

In the morning of Christmas Eve I skyped with my family to wish them a merry Christmas. After that we went to the hospital and gave presents to the children who have to spend Christmas in the hospital. My sister planned the whole thing but couldn’t go because of a cold. It was great seeing how happy the kids were. I wish nobody had to spend Christmas like that but at least we could make their day a little brighter. Later we went to my host mum’s sister to celebrate. Because they are Mexican, they celebrate on the 24. like in Germany. We ate posole and tamales, played LCR and it was almost at midnight when we opened the presents.

On Christmas day we celebrated the American Christmas with my host sisters In-Law’s. It was really cool to have both cultures and see the differences. On one hand I missed my family and the German traditions, but it’s always good to make new traditions, right.

I hope you all have a good start into 2016!





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