My first Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving vacation we went to my families property in Northern California again. First of all I’m thankful that we had the whole week off from school. The first days we spent preparing everything. We didn’t celebrate on Thursday, the actual Thanksgiving day, because most of the people were coming on Friday. The weather was freezing the whole time, especially compared to L.A..

But then on Friday we had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, pumpkin pie and much more delicious stuff. There were 23 people including my host mom’s sister’s family and the my older host sister’s in-laws.  Of course we had lots of leftovers and could eat from it until Sunday.

On Saturday my sister and me went to the little town and it’s a pretty sad and empty town. Luckily we found a very cute, small café which even sold “Nussecken”. I’ve never seen those German pastries here in America and after I baked them and everyone loved them I had to buy a “real” one for my sister to taste. Later we went to a winery and the place was beautiful even if i could’t taste anything. We did some shooting on Sunday.

The trip was great and Thanksgiving is definitely a cool holiday we are missing in Germany. Speaking about that, so many people here asked me about the we don’t have Thanksgiving and then slowly realized why 😀

I have two and a half more weeks to go for the first semester and then it’s Christmas vacation!









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