Homecoming dance times two

You can dance, you can jive
Having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene
Diggin’ the dancing queen


Homecoming is a dance at the beginning of the school year to kind of welcoming everyone back to school. For me it was very exciting, because it was my first and last real school dance. Actually, I had two.

First there was the Homecoming at my school and it was already one month ago. A couple of days before the dance we went dress shopping and my dress was the opposite of what I thought I would buy, but very pretty. The day before the dance, there was the homecoming game. Basically a normal football game, but they announce the homecoming queen. The next day after school we already started getting ready. My host mom’s best friend did my sister’s and my make up and we both felt so fancy. The homecoming venue was very nice and after the first 30 minutes of awkward sitting around people finally began to dance and it was a lot of fun.

My sister’s homecoming was on Halloween. Well,we were a little bit sad that we couldn’t go trick or treating, but that’s how it was. In America you usually go to the school dances with a date and the boy go all over with the homecoming or prom proposals. We wanted to go in a group of friends, but then my sister decided to make one of her friends ask me. We watched the boy’s water polo game and that he came to me in SPEEDOS with a poster and asked me. Of course I said yes and I was happy, but everyone who knows me can imagine how horrible it was for me being in the center of attention.

Before the dance started we took some pictures in a park and I got a corsage. Everything was similar to my homecoming, but more fun because we were in a group. We danced and laughed a lot and the night ended with eating at In-N-Out .

It was a great experience, but I really wish that would not have been my last school dance.

See you soon,







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